Lash Care

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 Applying your lashes


    1. Handle Gently!

Gently remove you lashes with from the tray using tweezers, do not tug on the individual strands, always start at the end of your lash.

      2. Measure & Trim

Measure the lashes with your natural lash line, trim the excess from the outer corners of the lash.

      3. Apply Glue 

Apply lash glue along the cotton band and wait for a few seconds for it to become tacky.

     4. Adhere & Hold

Apply the lashes to the base of your natural lash line and hold for a few seconds.


Lash Care

Our lashes can be worn up to 25 times with the correct care so to get maximum use out of your lashes please refrain from applying mascara to them. After wear don't forget to clean your lash band with an oil-free makeup remover, this can be done easily using a cotton tip, then store your lashes in your Rich Honey Lashes box for their next debut.